Disc harrow - refers to attachments for soil cultivation. This is an integral part that crushes the stubble, mixes the topsoil, breaks up clods and levels the topsoil after all agro-technological work.

    Thanks to this process, soil fertility increases and high rates of agricultural crops are observed in the future.

    But, any technique has its own service life and requires repair or replacement of parts. It must be remembered that the disc harrow needs to be inspected and checked. In case of deviations in work, adjust or repair the disc harrow.

  Discs, section bearings and scrapers are parts that are subject to natural wear and tear. The work also noticed bending and skewing of the frame slats, the tailstock trailer and the side links.

How is the repair carried out? Broken bearings are replaced, but damaged ones can be restored by welding with a cast iron rod. Seams and overlays are cleaned with a file or on an emery sharpener. Worn and broken liners should also be replaced.

    If the thread of the oiler is broken or worn out, the hole should be welded or a new one drilled under the thread. And also the thread itself is cut for the oiler.

    The axle of the disk battery is made of square steel. In the event of a deflection, it is straightened by forging; in this case, the deflection should not exceed 3 mm. The deformation of the wheels is leveled at the blacksmith with a sledgehammer and a crimp.

   The loosened fastening of the spokes of the wheels is tightened by electric welding. If the axis is deflected, it should be leveled by forging on the plate, no more than 2 mm.

When the trunnion or axle shaft is worn out, the defect can be eliminated with the help of bulk and processing on a lathe. The oil ditch is then cut or milled along the spigot.

Do not forget to check the functionality and accuracy of your repair.