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16 Apr How to grow corn properly?
ukragroadmin 0 253
    In Ukraine, corn is grown by both small and large farms. And practically every region uses it in the food, livestock and technical industries. But we will talk about the yield of corn, how to rais..
16 Apr How to fertilize the soil with nitrogen?
ukragroadmin 0 241
    Nitrogen is the main nutrient for many grains and vegetables. After all, it is he who regulates the development, growth and quality of fruits. But if it is applied incorrectly, it may not reach th..
16 Apr Causes of disc harrow breakdowns
ukragroadmin 0 257
    Disc harrow - refers to attachments for soil cultivation. This is an integral part that crushes the stubble, mixes the topsoil, breaks up clods and levels the topsoil after all agro-technological ..
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